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This is something a little different, you fill out the demographic questionnaires and they will send you a short little survey to see if you qualify to test certain products.
I did one for disinfectant wipes. They sent me two different kinds to use for a week each, they asked my opinion on each one.
Very simple and very useful. Two kids make a big mess and they came in handy. After two weeks they sent me a short survey. About two weeks later they sent me a thank-you note with a 20 dollar target gift card. The samples were full size containers and I'm still using them a month later.
so really its a sweet gig, free stuff, then they pay you using the free stuff.
Highly recommend

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Survey Tips

  • Get a new E-mail address-it just makes it easier to separate survey invites and personal mail.
  • Don't speed through the surveys, most are timed to see if your really paying attention
  • Be patient, it takes a couple weeks to get going, sometimes it takes a week or two for the surveys to credit.
  • Be honest- They will know if you put false answers in!
  • Always fill in the demographic questions when you sign up, you will get a lot more surveys and some sites pay you for filling them out.
  • A final tip, NEVER pay to take surveys, or for a list of paying survey companies. If you have to pay anything its a scam!