Over the next month I will will be doing extensive updating so If thing look silly for a while I'm just trying to put the most up to date Info in a little easier to read format.


Globaltestmarket - is another site that will pay you by check. you have to get 1000 points in your account for you to cash out.
1000 points =$50. I cash this one out about once every 2 months.
They send a lot of surveys, some by otx which lets you basically keep trying till you qualify.
Most of their surveys average about 50 to 75 points. once I did a product test for 750 points, that was cool.
The best thing with these guys is if you don't qualify after the first couple of questions. They will still give you 5 points for trying. One of my favorites!

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Survey Tips

  • Get a new E-mail address-it just makes it easier to separate survey invites and personal mail.
  • Don't speed through the surveys, most are timed to see if your really paying attention
  • Be patient, it takes a couple weeks to get going, sometimes it takes a week or two for the surveys to credit.
  • Be honest- They will know if you put false answers in!
  • Always fill in the demographic questions when you sign up, you will get a lot more surveys and some sites pay you for filling them out.
  • A final tip, NEVER pay to take surveys, or for a list of paying survey companies. If you have to pay anything its a scam!