Over the next month I will will be doing extensive updating so If thing look silly for a while I'm just trying to put the most up to date Info in a little easier to read format.

Survey sites that pay by check

Opinion Outpost
Earn opinion points per survey 10 points = $1.00,Minimum cash out is $5.00, Must be 18 yrs old, US and Canada residents only. This is my favorite survey company. They send a lot of surveys, and they pay well.

A close second to Opinion Outpost- Also awards points that convert to checks,100 Points= $1.00, minimum cashout at $10.00, Mysurvey has interesting surveys, most are short, and you automatically get some points even if you don't qualify. Also has a lot of product test which are always cool.
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Great Survey company, They don't send out as many surveys as some of the others but they pay well, normally between $4-12, I have done a few product test for them too. The checks come fast without having to request them.

Sends out a ton of surveys, and even if you don't qualify they still give you at least .25, 100=$5, minimum cashout at $50. Most surveys Avg 2.50-4.00, sometimes you will get 500-1000 points surveys and product tests. Globaltest market is one of my top ten. www.globaltestmarket.com

SurveySavvy- minimum cash out at $1, Surveysavvy pays pretty quick after requesting your money. minimum age is 14, they will except globalmembers.

Your2cents- Minimum cash out @ $10 Sends about 5-6 surveys a month, worth 1-3 dollars a piece. Sometimes offers higher paying surveys for select demographics.

Surveyspot- Sends a ton of surveys about 25% are for cash the rest are for sweepstakes. $5 dollar minimum cash out. Surveys vary between $1-$20 a piece. they also have a lot of product tests.


Tasia said...

You should really mention how old people have to be for each site, I just spent 10 minutes filling out a survey just to hear that I have to be 18.

John said...

Sorry Tasia, I had the age limits on some of my older posts. A general rule that I noticed for most sites is that if they pay by Paypal you must be 18. Most of the Ones that pay by check you have to be 15. Check the FAQ's before you sign up. Signing up and doing the demographic surveys are the hardest part.

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Survey Tips

  • Get a new E-mail address-it just makes it easier to separate survey invites and personal mail.
  • Don't speed through the surveys, most are timed to see if your really paying attention
  • Be patient, it takes a couple weeks to get going, sometimes it takes a week or two for the surveys to credit.
  • Be honest- They will know if you put false answers in!
  • Always fill in the demographic questions when you sign up, you will get a lot more surveys and some sites pay you for filling them out.
  • A final tip, NEVER pay to take surveys, or for a list of paying survey companies. If you have to pay anything its a scam!