Over the next month I will will be doing extensive updating so If thing look silly for a while I'm just trying to put the most up to date Info in a little easier to read format.


If anyone has any trouble with signing up, or taking surveys. Leave a comment and I will try to answer as soon as possible.


Anonymous said...

How much money do you generally make per minth, John? Also, how much time do you put into surveys each day? Thanks for your time,


John said...

Normally I get at least $200-300, but in the summer I qualified for a couple focus groups and made 600 in June, 500 in July. It depends but normally less than two hours, most days I do about a half-hours worth. you could make more if signed up for more places and have the time.

joanie said...

Hi John
Just wondering if you are suggesting the survey companies that are on the left side of your website under esurvey top 10.
Thanks, Joanie

John said...

Yes, Those are my top ten favorites for the last few months, I like them all, Quickrewards is more of a play around site for me, I am always screwing around on there. Opinion Outpost and Mysurvey sent me a ton of surveys in September and I have done well with those two last month.
Not all of them send a lot of surveys so sign up for as many as you can to make more money.

Survey Tips

  • Get a new E-mail address-it just makes it easier to separate survey invites and personal mail.
  • Don't speed through the surveys, most are timed to see if your really paying attention
  • Be patient, it takes a couple weeks to get going, sometimes it takes a week or two for the surveys to credit.
  • Be honest- They will know if you put false answers in!
  • Always fill in the demographic questions when you sign up, you will get a lot more surveys and some sites pay you for filling them out.
  • A final tip, NEVER pay to take surveys, or for a list of paying survey companies. If you have to pay anything its a scam!